A Comedy of Tears

Directed by: Marko Sosić
Slovenia | 76 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Thu 29th Sep 20:00

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Albert is a cynical, miserable old man, holed up in his spacious apartment in Trieste, railing against the immigrants he spies from the window. With only a trainset and some old photographs to entertain him he seems lost in fragments of traumatic memories. Travelling over the border to bathe, cook and clean for him is Ida. At first she seems impervious to his rants and petty tantrums but the tension between them begins to build. The film is handsomely shot by cinematographer Radovan Cok; through his lenses the apartment becomes a light and airy cage or maze, hemming Albert in, no matter which way he turns. Shot in a single location, effectively in real time, the film is written and directed by Marko Sosic, a Slovenian theatre director who has worked extensively in both Italy and his home country. Clearly used to grappling with issues through conversation, the film has a theatrical feel in the best possible way. As a two-hander, it gives the leads (Marjuta Slamic and Ivo Barisic) a chance to show the depth and range they can bring their roles, a challenge they easily surpass.
Original Title
Komedija solz
Ivo Barišič
Marjuta Slamič
Marko Sosić
Radovan Čok
Boštjan Ikovic
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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