A Double Life

Directed by: Yoshiyuki Kishi
Japan | 126 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 5
Sat 24th Sep 20:45

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Pic. 4
Thu 29th Sep 13:00

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Tama, a philosophy and psychology student, struggles to know much about herself and those around her. Her philosophy professor suggests an alternative approach to the one she’s trying: instead of examining the lives of many people to discover what the meaning of life is, he suggests closely, and secretly, tailing just one person. A target of opportunity presents itself: her neighbour, a model family man and successful book editor. Tama tails him closely for a few days, the thrill of the chase becoming addictive – until she finds herself too entangled in the webs of other peoples’ lives to pull herself out. A Double Life is a promising debut feature for writer / director Yoshiyuki Kishi. Calmly-paced and insightful, it offers moments of voyeuristic tenderness and tension as Tama observes people during some of their most vulnerable moments. The film also benefits from some excellent performances by an experienced cast, with the minimal written dialogue making the strong, absorbing performance by lead actress Muke Kadowaki all the more impressive.
Original Title
Niju Seikatsu
Mugi Kadowaki
Hiroki Hasegawa
Lily Franky
Masaki Suda
Yoshiyuki Kishi
Yoshiyuki Kishi
Kozo Natsuumi
Hiromitsu Sugita
Junko Sato
Tomoko Tomita
Executive Producer(s)
Mitsunobu Kawamura
Screening Status
European Premiere
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