A Trip to the Island

Directed by: Hrant Alianak
Canada | 81 minutes

Harry retreats to his island home to write a screenplay. As the film comes to life in his mind, fact and fiction begin to blend on the screen.

Harry wants to make a low-budget movie about a writer who retreats to his island home to write a story about a sordid affair. Taking refuge in his own island idyll, Harry discusses the idea with an old friend. As the story begins to take form in his head, it also springs to life on the screen, blending fiction and reality, into a melee of half-real, half-imagined moments. Taking a step back, a story of the darkest of human emotions comes into focus: a story of regret over things said, over things done and perhaps most importantly over things left undone.

Thought-provoking and deeply intriguing, ‘A Trip To The Island’ fluidly blurs past into future and fact into fiction using some very imaginative directing. Pieces of the film come together and fall apart like memories, or the shoots and re-shoots of a scene in a movie. Despite the heavy subject matter, the film manages to remain refreshingly self-effacing, cracking jokes about writers, low-budget films and even its own plot as the many strands wind their way through this intricate tale.

Hrant Alianak
Hrant Alianak
Andrew Nicholas
McCann Smith
Laura Perlmutter
Alex Dacev
Nick Mancuso
Valerie Buhagiar
Karyn Dwyer
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