AB Negative

Directed by: Neil Horner
UK | 90 minutes

Two hitmen become the subject of a sadistic game after waking up in the back of a truck, drugged and confused.

A mysterious female assassin attempts to play them against one another in what becomes a bloody tale of duplicity. As the action unfurls, the two men sink further and further into the seedy underworld.

In the vein of ‘Sexy Beast’, ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Rock’N’Rolla’, ‘AB Negative’ is a stylish gangster thriller that delicately balances elongated scenes of calculated dialogue with explosions of violence and action. The endless narrative revelations and turbulent pacing induce a strong feeling of anxiety, while the claustrophobic space of the truck creates a paranoid atmosphere that sets the action into feverish motion. Try to put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the mystery before the two hitmen do and you’ll quickly wind up in a dead end: this film will have you guessing until the credits roll.

Having screened at Cannes, Neil Horner’s thriller staring Vincent Regan, Roger Ashton-Griffiths and Stephen Marcus this film is sure to excite a British audience.

‘AB Negative’ is a bold, gritty thriller that celebrates the strong tradition of the British gangster film.

Rebecca Latham

Neil Horner
Allen Beever
Neil Horner
Laura Cakebread
Lyndon Baldock
Nicolas Schroder
Vincent Regan
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Robert Cavanah
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