Across the Sea

Directed by: Nisan Dağ & Esra Saydam
Turkey | USA | 102 minutes

Damla reluctantly returns to her Turkish village with her American husband. Her bitter past is soon to be unburied.
Esra Saydam and Nisan Dag’s romantic drama ‘Across the Sea’ is a simple story that is intricately told, flawlessly acted and beautifully written. We follow Damla (played by award-winning Turkish actress Damla Sonmez) as she reluctantly returns to her family’s home in the town on Ayvalik.
It has been eight years since Damla abandoned Turkey, yet her all-American husband Kevin (Jacob Fishel) is eager to be acquainted with his wife’s roots. Whilst there, however, Kevin becomes acquainted with far more of his wife’s past than he had anticipated and his idyllic dream is harrowingly crushed, as Ayvalik and its inhabitants unearth what Damla sought to keep buried both from her husband and from another man: her ‘boyfriend, brother, best friend, everything’, Burak (Ahmet Rifat Sungar).
The palpable tensions that surge between the protagonists are beautifully underscored by Kyle Woodworth’s racing piano keys, melancholic drones and the plucking of Mediterranean strings. This, accompanied by the exquisite filming of John Wakayama Carey, makes ‘Across the Sea’ an unforgettable story that captures the fragility of love and devastation that deceit can cause.

Nisan Dağ
Esra Saydam
Esra Saydam
Nisan Dağ
Esra Saydam
Gerry Kim
Robert Lavenstein
Alvaro R. Valente
John Wakayama Carey
Damla Sönmez
Ahmet Rıfat Şungar
Jacob Fishel
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