Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass

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Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass – the things they don’t tell you in the books and workshops

So you’ve read all the books and know your three-act structure from your hero’s journey – what comes next? What do you do when you can already write good scripts, but still want to improve?

In this masterclass with award-winning writer-director Charles Harris, we look at what nobody tells you. What’s beyond the basics? How do you manage different act structures? And why might you need to? How do you succeed with difficult characters? He’ll teach you how the top professionals deal elegantly with exposition and maintain story credibility. He’ll introduce sophisticated ways of thinking about genre that will lift your screenplays to a new level. He’ll show you the seven fatal mistakes that experienced writers, directors and producers fall into, and how to avoid them. And share some of the hidden secrets of advanced screenwriting.


charlie harris 140 cropCHARLIE HARRIS
Script Consultant

Charlie Harris, a writer-director, is also one of Britain’s most respected script consultants, having co-founded the first screenwriters workshop in the world, London Screenwriters Workshop (now Euroscript). He has won international awards for his documentaries, dramatised documentaries and his debut feature film, Paradise Grove. His book A Complete Screenwriting Course, comes out in October.

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