Amira and Sam

Directed by: Sean Mullin
USA | 88 minutes

Ex-soldier Sam falls in love with Amira, an Iraqi refugee living in America illegally.

Sam Seneca has spent the best part of the last 10 years on tours of the Middle East. Returning to New York after leaving the army, he tries to settle in to civilian life once again. In a stroke of luck, Sam is offered a job as a salesman in his cousin’s dodgy Hedge Fund. He simultaneously falls in love with Amira, a beautiful street hawker who sells counterfeit DVDs and is in America illegally. As the story develops, Sam’s predicament gets more and more complicated: can he join in with the corruption of free market capitalism? Will his and Amira’s family ever let them be together? Worse still: what will happen to Amira if she is forced to return to Iraq?

Writer / Director Sean Mullin has created a gorgeous, nail-biting, heart-melting romance. Though issues of identity, military and civilian service and the U.S.’s changing culture are explored, the central, most striking aspect is Sam and Amira’s beautiful relationship. The characters are incredibly strong, likeable and funny, and excellent performances by Martin Starr and Dina Shihabi as the leading couple are the cherry on the cake.

Orestes Kouzof

Sean Mullin
Sean Mullin
Matt Miller,Erich Lochner- Producer,Terry Leonard- Producer
Danny Vecchione
Martin Starr
Paul Wesley
Dina Shihabi
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