Directed by: The Lennox Brothers
UK | 105 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Mon 26th Sep 15:30

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Wed 28th Sep 20:30

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The debut feature from accomplished music video directors the Lennox Brothers, AmStarDam is a fantasy stoner comedy about Jack’s quest to find his dad. Sick of his musician mother’s poor parenting, Jack sets off on his 21st birthday to reconcile with his absent father, only to discover that he is the failed owner of a marijuana coffee shop. In a chance meeting with a homeless man, Jack might have found the solution to his father’s business issues, and to growing their non-existent relationship. They just have to plant the seed. A modernisation of a classic fairytale, AmStarDam is a riotous movie of rebellion and sticking it to the man. In the midst of laugh-out loud characters, vulgar jokes and absurd situations is an unexpectedly heart-warming comedy. Starring the outrageous and alternative stars of British comedy, including Alice Lowe and Javone Prince, you can’t help but grow attached to AmStarDam’s wayward group of misfits. Kenneth Collard gives a particularly memorable performance as the Segway-riding corporate sell out Eddie, whose pantomime villainy is brilliantly ridiculous. An outlandish take on the city of coffee shops and live sex shows, AmStarDam is a rowdy feel-good comedy about family, friendship, but most importantly, marijuana.
Jonathan Readwin
Sean Power
Eline Powell
Alice Lowe
Howard Marks
The Lennox Brothers
The Lennox Brothers
Peter Warren
Andy Parsons
Zorana Piggott
Executive Producer(s)
Simon Liddell
Tony North
Brian Jamieson
Steven G Chapman
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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