Directed by: Shingo Wakagi
91 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Sun 27th Sep 12:00
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Wed 30th Sep 16:40
2nd Screening

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Entangled in her white covers, Terako spends her days sleeping and waiting for Iwanaga, her older lover, to call. With his wife in a coma, their relationship is fraught with complications and uncertainty. Terako is also mourning the recent suicide of her best friend, Shiori. Her lethargic depression drags her into deeper and longer sleeps that she finds harder to wake from each time they take her. An adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto’s eponymous book, Shingo Wakagi’s film is a series of dream-like sequences with soft, pale colours and slow-paced action. Dramatic tension builds slowly as lethargy engulfs Terrako and she constantly struggles with the impulse to crawl back into bed. The flashbacks to her friendship with Shiori and her gradual understanding of what lead her friend to take her life adds a deeper, darker dimension to the film. Wakagi, equipped with a simple DSLR, impeccably captures the changing emotions of the protagonist as she meanders between her dream world and the real one. With very little dialogue, Ando Sakura captivates the audience with her touching performance as Terako.
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91 min
Shingo Wakagi
Shingo Wakagi
Kai Suzumoto
Toshihisa Ishii
Shingo Wakagi
Shingo Wakagi
Sakura Ando
Mitsuki Tanimura
Arata Iura
Screening Status
UK Premiere