Before I Disappear

Directed by: Shawn Christensen
USA | UK | 98 minutes

Richie’s suicide attempt is interrupted by a request for him to look after his precocious niece.

‘Before I Disappear’ is Shawn Christensen’s long-awaited debut feature, based on his 2012 Oscar-winning short film ‘Curfew’.

Depressed, lonely Richie works as a toilet cleaner at a club. Following his discovery of a dead girl, he decides that he has nothing left to live for; he goes home and slits his wrists. But before he’s had the chance to settle in his bloody bathwater, the phone rings. It’s his estranged sister who’s in trouble, and she needs him to look after her precocious daughter, Sophia. Deciding to temporarily put off his demise, Richie commits to picking up Sophia. It’s the start of a long 24 hours, during which he is unlikely to find peace.

‘Before I Disappear’ is masterfully directed by Christensen and beautifully shot by Daniel Katz. Though frequently tense and frightening, the film achieves a pleasant balance with a fair share of dark humour and some uncannily convincing trip scenes. Also look out for some very recognisable faces in the cast, from Emmy Rossum in the role of Richie’s sister to Ron Perlman as his shady boss.

Shawn Christensen
Shawn Christensen
Damon Russell
Lucan Toh
Shawn Christensen
Dan Katz
Shawn Christensen
Fatima Ptacek
Emmy Rossum
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