Beijing New York

Directed by: Rain Li
China | USA | Canada | 108 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Sun 2nd Oct 12:30

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Jasmine and Lenny, inseparable since they were children, grew up in Beijing and now livie thousands of miles apart. Lenny has overcome his disadvantaged background to become CEO of a large company, while Jasmine is eking out a living juggling several jobs as an immigrant living in New York. Through these jobs she meets Joe, a native New Yorker, who has turned his back on his life of Wall Street trading to become a photographer. In Jasmine he finds his subject and his muse. Over the next five years Jasmine becomes increasingly torn between the two great loves of her life. On the surface this is a story of love, but fundamentally its also a story about the torn identity of someone from one country and culture living in another. The loves that Jasmine is really divided between are the two places she calls home: the city she’s from and the city she has adopted. Beijing New York brings its eponymous cities beautifully to life with a vitality and affection and vibrancy of colour. Through the eyes of the lens and through the eyes of Jasmine, we can see why she is in love with both.
Chiling Lin
Ye Liu
Richard de Klerk
Rain Li
Rain Li
Christopher Doyle
Rain Li
Robert Ogden Barnun
Jonathan Gardner
Kong Lingchen
Alan D. Miller
Executive Producer(s)
Richard de Klerk
Irene Nelson
Gerry de Klerk
Melanie de Klerk
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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