Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story

Directed by: Matt Reid
UK | 91 minutes

An inspirational documentary on the lives, careers and beliefs of rock band New Model Army.

Matt Reid’s ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ is an inspirational documentary telling the story of New Model Army – a punk and alternative rock group formed in 1980 and, perhaps surprisingly for an 80’s rock band, are still going strong today. The band’s charismatic leader, Justin Sullivan, is famous for breaking the rules and perceptions of how music should sound, as well as for his controversial songs criticising the political arena.

The audience will be introduced with the early birth and development of the band, challenges that hit the group during its journey as well as personal lives of the members. Through various old and new material and interviews with the band, fans and journalists, past and present is intertwined in such a way as to make the story irresistibly attractive and interesting to follow.

Philosophies and ideas rise to the fore as the film progresses: ideas such as the valour of fighting for your beliefs and the power of music as a unifier and a weapon against change. At the heart of it, this documentary also explores a deep, dark fear: the fear of not making a mark on the world, the fear of being forgotten.

Lina Skaisgiryte

Music-News – Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story

Matt Reid
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Matt Reid
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