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Sun 25th Sep 20:45

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VUE Piccadilly
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Thu 29th Sep 15:30

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The best relationships are based on honesty, which is why this review starts with a warning: if you're one half of a long-standing couple, this film is going to punch you right in the feels. We meet hipsters Dianne and Henry as they consider the next step of their six-year relationship: buying a flat together and the terrifying uppercase Future that the decision will usher in. As they try to conform to society's expectations, planning a wedding while still disdaining the institution, they begin to lose sight of who they are and why they fell in love in the first place. This film casts a probing light into the most intimate parts of a relationship, with every pore exposed as the camera hovers fractions above the skin. It's all there: the private jokes, the stupid voices, the vigorous pyjama-clad leg-humping that makes you laugh where it might once have turned you on. Yet underneath the ordinariness beats a bass line of true care and affection and, when things go wrong in spectacular style, you’re rooting for them ‘til the end. A triumph by Raindance-award-winning director Rafael Palacio Illingworth.
Olivia Thirlby
Ben Feldman
Adam Goldberg
Analeigh Tipton
Scott Haze
Rafael Palacio Illingworth
Rafael Palacio Illingworth
Todd Banhazl
Eleonore Meier
Madeline Samit
Bert Hamelinck
Executive Producer(s)
Michael Sagol
Dieter Meier
Allen Norin
Michel Merkt
Benito Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller
Casper Thomlinson
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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