Black Soup

Directed by: Erik Novák
Hungary | 93 minutes

The son of a mafia boss takes up a big job with a misfit gang to repay his gambling debts.

Following a devastating poker loss, DJ Freaky D finds himself in a bad need of money to repay his debt. The prodigal son of a powerful mafia boss, he gets a scoop about a money van journeying through the countryside. His only chance is to recruit an amateur team for the big job – and so he joins forces with a group of mental patients, led by his long-lost friend Erik. The unlikely company manages to ambush the van and get the cash, but soon they have to face the vengeance of the mob.

Director-actor Erik Novak’s second feature is a bold undertaking to redefine the dark comedy genre. With a loose story structure and improvised dialogs, absurdity and spontaneous humour play a definitive role in his film. Everything is at stake, yet everything is haphazard – the rising tensions are visually emphasised by quick cuts, close-ups and dissonant angles. The production has been dubbed as the national gangster film of Hungary and lives up to the title with its vigorous pace, cynical tone, and enterprising spirit.

Erik Novák
Erik Novák
Viktor Nagy
Zoltán Perjés
Daniel Kresmery
Csanád Darvas
Balázs Dobóczi,Tamás Simon
Zoltán Perjés
Zsolt Nagy
Hermina Fátyol
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