Blues Before Sunrise

Directed by: Alex JR. Nielsen & Giuseppe Campori & Cyrus T. Hayley
UK | 50 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sat 24th Sep 17:45

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“They taught us to live in their music and let the music live in us and that’s what we do”, notes one bluesman of his musical predecessors in this exploration of the remaining Delta Blues, musicians who seek to preserve and advance the raw sounds of the blues. This legacy of musicianship, which he speaks of as emanating in Memphis, is palpable, authentic and infectious on screen as music and insights are interspersed with shots of the surrounding landscapes. Allowing the musicians to tell their own experiences organically, through anecdotes and frequently through their deeply personal music, ‘Blues Before Sunrise’ has an individual intimacy and historical poignancy, aided immensely by the filmmakers’ evident long-time love of the subject and rapport with the musicians they bring to screen. Described by the filmmakers as “a snapshot of a place stuck in time”, the talent and character of the film’s subjects, the unique legacy they represent, and the inherently personal narratives that make up their organic sounds make for an authentic, rich and often humorous tribute to the birth and endurance of the blues.
Alex JR. Nielsen
Giuseppe Campori
Cyrus T. Hayley
Alex H. Kolster
Screening Status
World Premiere
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