VUE Piccadilly
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Sat 24th Sep 20:00

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VUE Piccadilly
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Thu 29th Sep 15:45

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Have you ever taken a situation, a landscape, a relationship, for granted because you were distracted by technology? Filmed in a low key, simplistic yet intimate manner, Blur maps the boundaries of everyday relationships and how they can be affected by the secrets held within our phones. As the pace of technological advancement puts stains on our human bonds, the lines between what is on our personal screens and what is really in front of us become blurred. This film explores the changing, and often intense, levels intimacy and sexuality with and without technological crutches, mixing the two together in very modern and passionate way. Cinematography and music play a huge part in Blur, setting the scene for what should be a gorgeously scenic road trip. But can the constant interruptions and vibrations be ignored, or are protagonists Harper and Paul doomed to miss the real-life experiences they so badly needed? Sexual, artistic and stylistic, George D’Amato’s film takes the viewer through the journey of a couple haunted by modernity and the current ease of secrecy. A progressive story full of passions lost, passions longed for and passion blurred, told through a beautiful, personal lens.
Sofia Troop
Charlie Hamilton
Frankie Vegas
George D'Amato
George D'Amato
Todd Mcginnis
Micha Dahan
Robin Miller
George D'Amato
Jeff Chadwick
Executive Producer(s)
Steve Schrippa
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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