Bodkin Ras: No Way Back

Directed by: Kaweh Modiri
Netherlands | 79 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Thu 29th Sep 18:30

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Bodkin is easily recognisable when he arrives in the small town of Forres in Scotland; outsiders don't come this way often, especially not from far flung parts of Europe. The locals look upon him with suspicion at first, and while some eventually take him to the centre of their bawdy friendship group, others remain unconvinced. As the secrets of his past unfold, you start to wonder whether their mistrust might be well placed, but the villains and heroes are all mixed up in this piece of modern folklore. Pub-dwelling hard nuts have hearts of gold, and Bodkin - well, that remains to be seen. Combining documentary and fiction with literary and philosophical references, Bodkin Ras offers much more than your average movie with a number of characters playing themselves. Part social commentary, part picaresque tale - and a whole-hearted delight.
Sohrab Bayat
Lily Szramko
Eddie Paton
James Macmillan
Kaweh Modiri
Kaweh Modiri
Daan Nieuwenhuis
Raymond van der Kaaij
Peter Kr├╝ger
Kaweh Modiri
Katie Crook
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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