Buttercup Bill

Directed by: Émilie Richard-Froozan & Rémy Bennett
UK | USA | 95 minutes

Pernilla and Patrick, long-lost soul mates, start to reconnect. There is a reason they were apart in the first place.

‘Buttercup Bill’ is a love story of sorts, described by Rémy Bennet and Émilie Richard-Froozan (who together wrote, directed and starred in the film) as ‘a disturbing love story of two long-lost soulmates and their surreal relationship with a mischievous imaginary childhood friend.’

The psychosexual drama follows Pernilla as she dares to reconnect with Patrick, with whom she shared a tainted childhood. As the pair collide after years of separation, we are hauled through images of their past and present. Drug-fuelled hazes and dream-like memories control their every moment together and in the sweltering heat of New Orleans they struggle to suppress what is within. It is clear that their deepest desires are one another; yet a dark and brutal secret dictates why they should forever remain apart.

‘Buttercup Bill’ is fantastically led by the captivating Rémy, as her portrayal of Pernilla is refreshingly honest and captures the complexities of a damaged and desperate soul beautifully. Coupled with detailed direction by Émilie Richard-Froozan, ‘Buttercup Bill’ is an exciting and promising release for the newly-established Blonde to Black Pictures.

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Émilie Richard-Froozan
Rémy Bennett
Émilie Richard-Froozan
Rémy Bennett
Sadie Frost
Emma Comley
Executive Producers
Andrew Green
Ben White
Ryan Foregger
Rémy Bennett
Evan Louison
Pauly Lingerfelt
Original Format