César Chávez

Directed by: Diego Luna
USA | Mexico | 101 minutes

This film traces the path of César Chávez, a legendary Mexican civil rights campaigner known for his use of non-violent protest.

This winner of the SXSW audience award is rich with the kind of winning cast and lush cinematography that could carry a Hollywood blockbuster, delivering a sucker punch in the form of a meaningful, inspiring story.

Part of a welcome wave of socially conscious cinema, ‘César Chávez’ tells the story of a lesser-known struggle for civil rights. We follow Cesar as he returns to his home town in the 1960’s to help his fellow Mexican Americans working in the fields of California. Chavez’s large brood is unimpressed by the move back to their father’s old town, but with the support of his wife – played by none of other than America Ferrera – they make the trek. Here the children encounter racism for the first time, but Chávez teaches them to face it with the same non-violent tactics he will later use against the white grape growers.

The quiet patience of Chávez is done justice by Michael Peña’s nuanced performance and a moving, yet low-key script. Add to the mix some fabulous historic footage and you have a movie that educates as much as it entertains.

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Diego Luna
Keir Pearson
Timothy J. Sexton
Pablo Cruz
Enrique Chediak
Michael Peña
America Ferrera
John Malkovich
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