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Pic. 3
Mon 28th Sep 19:10
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Thu 1st Oct 15:00
2nd Screening

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Based on true events, ‘Crocodile’ follows an impoverished family living in the Agusan Marsh in the southern Philippines. When Divina learns that her thirteen year old daughter, Rowena, has been killed by a crocodile, her life is turned upside down. While the father goes out with the other villagers to look for a body, Divina struggles between her extreme anguish and her desperation to find someone to blame. Filipino Director Francis Xavier Passion opens a window into the lives of those living in the marshlands. The illiteracy of the older generation and the family’s inability to pay for their daughter’s graduation, and later burial, all show the struggle and abject poverty that they are up against. Toeing the line between fact and fiction, the film cuts between the dramatic narrative and footage of the real family talking about their daughter. The beautiful cinematography captures the eerie stillness of the marshes, with sweeping aerial shots and long takes of the characters as they navigate on narrow wooden boats through the vast fields of water lilies. Shot entirely on location, ‘Bwayu’ powerfully illustrates the hard life of these people faced with danger of living in such remote wilderness. 
Original Title
83 min
Francis Xavier E. Pasion
Francis Xavier Pasion
RS Francisco
Sam Versoza
Francis Pasion
Neil Daza
Neil Daza
Angeli Bayani
Karl Medina
Jolina Espana
Screening Status
UK Premiere