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“People don’t change”. That’s the message resonating through acclaimed South African writer, director and actor Charlie Vundla’s second feature film. Cuckold follows the story of Smanga (Vundla) a South African professor whose wife Laura (Terry Pheto) has left for another man. He spends his time being depressed, turning to whiskey and shooting his gun for pleasure. But one night in a bar, he runs into his long lost friend Jon (Louis Roux) who needs a place to stay. Coming to a mutual agreement, they decide to hang out and begin to start selling weed to pay for Smanga’s overdue house bills. About halfway through, Laura comes back. She’s remorseful and wants to save her marriage; Smanga accepts her return. His companionship with Jon becomes strained but an unlikely threesome forms between them, born out of friendship and solidarity. On the face of it, their shared motivation is to save the house from bank seizure, but there’s more. Vundla’s second feature puts the audience into the headspace of a jilted man, and he gives a striking performance in the lead role.
Charlie Vundla
Louis Roux
Terry Pheto
Carlo Radebe
South Africa
Charlie Vundla
Charlie Vundla
Nicolaas Hofmeyr
Charlie Vundla
Moroba Nkawe
Jeremy Nathan
Screening Status
European Premiere
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