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Daddy Don’t Go takes us on a two-year journey with four different men from New York City, who are all fathers and are struggling within their hostile environments to uphold their parental duties. Throughout those two years, each father gives us an insight as to how he became a father and how their fathers influenced their own parental attitudes. The closely-observing camera allows us to watch each family’s interactions, affected by unemployment, poverty and criminality. This is contrasted by the interviews with the fathers, which reflect their own views on things. The documentary gives us an insight into certain social and infrastructural landscapes: A New York city that is affected by high crime rates which has their roots in unemployment and poverty. Ultimately, Daddy Don’t Go tells the story of fatherhood which – formed by circumstances of lack of education, of unemployment and of violence – overcomes those struggles; a love of a father for his child which surpasses kinship and motivates them each and every day to overcome their own faults as to become their ideal self of a father figure.
Nelson Serrano
Omar Reynolds
Roy Puntervold
Alexander Charles
Emily Abt
Andrew Nam Chul Osborne (co-director)
Andrew Nam Chul Osborne
Keryn Thompson
Emily Abt
Suzette Burton
Andrew Nam Chul Osborne
Executive Producer(s)
Omar Epps
Malik Yoba
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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