Deadly Virtues

Directed by: Ate de Jong
87 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 5
Thu 24th Sep 19:45
Industry Screening

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Challenging and hugely divisive, Deadly Virtues has proven to be a true talking point in film. Rarely does anyone simply like or dislike the film. Instead it achieves what only the very best examples of filmmaking can manage: it provokes a reaction. For some, such as Ain’t It Cool News and Twitch Film, that reaction is a positive one, describing Deadly Virtues as “surprising” and “masterful”. For others it’s considered an abomination, berating the filmmakers for making such a vile work. Perhaps when considering their own behaviour behind closed doors, the subject matter is simply hitting too close to home? Across the various video sites currently hosting the trailer more than 300,000 people have received just a small taste of what happens to Alison and Tom when their home is invaded. With this special event showing, set to coincide with the UK launch of the movie (in stores September 28th) this is the perfect opportunity to take a peek into the lives of two people who, to the world outside their front door, would seem as ordinary as you, me and any one of your neighbours.
87 min
Ate de Jong
Mark Rogers
Suzanne Ballantyne
Elliot Grove
Edward Akrout
Megan Maczko
Matt Barber
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