Digital Dissidents

Directed by: Cyril Tuschi
90 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Sat 26th Sep 15:15

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sun 27th Sep 13:10

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Cyril Tuschi has created one of the most relevant and powerful documentaries to be released in recent years. After the media storm surrounding the international hounding of Edward Snowden, this film goes deep into the core of governmental corruption and the power that can be brought down upon whistleblowers, leaving the audience pondering upon the question: is it worth exposing a truth, to then live your life in hiding? The film makes for uncomfortable but important viewing, and Tuschi has expertly crafted his film to raise more questions than it answers. Drawing parallels between ‘1984’, ‘Brave New World’ and the Orwellian empires that the NSA, Pentagon and US government wish to impose upon civilians to control and monitor their movements all in the name of “public security”, ‘Digital Dissidents’ abounds with shocking revelations about truth behind online secrecy - or the lack of it. Far from being stuck in the here and now, it explores a range of whistleblowers from the 1970’s, the publication of the "Pentagon Files" and the Wiki-Leaks revelation of US war crimes in Iraq. This epic unveiling of confidential governmental secrets challenges the very freedoms which we take for granted.
Original Title
Digitale Dissidenten
90 min
Cyril Tuschi
Georg Tschurtschenthaler
Cyril Tuschi
Christian Beetz
Peter Dörfler
Peter Dörfler
Julian Assange
Edward Snowden
Thomas Drake
Screening Status
UK Premiere