VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Tue 29th Sep 21:40
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Fri 2nd Oct 14:30
2nd Screening

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In Patagonia, South America, there is a solitary, broken bridge that swings over the rapids. There is a pair of wrinkled hands that roll a cigarette. There is the face of a weather-beaten, crying woman as the surrounding congregation utter the Lord’s prayer. These broken fragments are the defining strength of ‘Ditches’, a type of cinema that refuses to spoon-feed its viewers and draws its power from what we personally discover. What is certain is that a girl is missing. Days later her body is discovered in a ditch. Yet there is no call for action. A silence pervades. As the film progresses, we become acutely aware that something is hidden and that this could be a routine occurrence. One man who does seem to be affected is Zamora, a lowly rural worker. Abandoning his post, he wanders aimlessly through the countryside and contemplates his past. With no sidekick to confess to, director Francisco J Paparella cleverly externalises Zamora’s internal struggles through his actions – repairing the bridge – and through some stunning, bleak cinematography. A unique exploration of femicide, ‘Zanjas’ will appeal to anyone who loves their cinema quiet, understated and eerie.
Original Title
72 min
Francisco J. Paparella
Lautaro Giménez Lini
Francisco J. Paparella
Marcelo Scoccia
Pablo Zimbrón
Francisco J. Paparella
Matias Lix Klett
Matias Lix Klett
Diego Alonso
Daniel Tisato
Augusto Brítez
Screening Status
World Premiere