Down Dog

Directed by: Andres Dussan
UK | 97 minutes

Playboy Frank Clayton neglects the fragile strands of his relationship with his family – until he’s convinced that he has just a year to live.
Frank Clayton works for a sex toy company, has a sex addiction and sees his teenage son every other weekend. With the best intentions in her heart, his ex-wife persuades their family doctor to convince Frank that he is dying to see if he can – or will – sort his life out.
This heart-warming British comedy is charismatically fronted by Jason Durr and slickly edited by Rupert Hall. It deals sensitively, yet playfully, with the topic of family separation and reconciliation, as Frank gradually makes the necessary changes in his life and prioritises how his son Sam will remember him.
The plot’s use of Frank’s job as a sex toy expert permits a wide and refreshingly original variety of wisecracks and puns in this light-hearted film, including plenty of physical comedy, an art often forgotten in today’s talking-head comedic films. The cast have a brilliant chemistry, excellently glued together by the awkward son played by Dylan Llewellyn, and an equally great performance by Nick Moran as the boss people love to hate. Though ‘Down Dog’ handles heavy topics, it manages to remain an uplifting, feel-good rom-com.

Andres Dussan
Lawrence Tallis
Simon Nye
Andres Dussan
Andres Dussan
Eben Bolter
Jason Durr
Nick Moran
Orla O'Rourke
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