Dusky Paradise

Directed by: Gregory Kirchhoff
Germany | 76 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Mon 26th Sep 15:15

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Pic. 5
Wed 28th Sep 18:15

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Jacob has no interest in other people. Unadventurous and apathetic towards life, he finds himself travelling to a foreign country for one purpose: a tortoise. In these unfamiliar surroundings Jacob is forced to spend time with his overbearing neighbour Matteo, who whiles away his days reading, painting and stalking his ex-wife. An unlikely friendship forms as they attempt to understand each other’s eccentricities and find a new potential for happiness. Through each other’s friendship, and Jacob’s pet tortoise, they can both heal their emotional wounds. Tackling themes of grief and heartbreak, the warm cinematography and touching humour of these troubled characters makes Dusky Paradise a stirring look at the importance of human relationships. Set where the mountains are green and the sun always shines, this film wills you to forget everyday stresses and appreciate the little moments of pleasure. Charlotte Krenz gives a charming performance as the adventurous and audacious Zoe, while Kes Baxter’s Jacob is just the right amount of socially awkward to have you cringing in your seat. With a beautiful original score from Lucas Zavala, and music from Oh So Quiet, this is everything you could ever want from an indie film and more.
Kes Baxter
Charlotte Krenz
Martin Umbach
Gregory Kirchhoff
Gregory Kirchhoff
Dino von Wintersdorff
Gregory Kirchhoff
Sophie Florentine Klötzner
Daniel Takla Zehrfeld
Executive Producer(s)
Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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