Directed by: Elise DuRant
Mexico | USA | 95 minutes

Alma returns to her childhood village in Mexico. Her inquisitiveness will uncover long-kept secrets about her past.

Inspired by writer-director Elise DuRant’s own life, ‘Edén’ is a story that recognises the importance of knowing and experiencing a past that one may have forgotten or misunderstood.

After her father’s death, Alma returns to Mexico and the quaint village that once was her beloved home, San Miguel de Allende. The film chronicles snapshots in time of Alma, both as a quizzical child in Mexico and in the present as a troubled woman desperate for a sense of personal and cultural identity.

Through her exploration of forgotten streets, rooms and possessions, Alma begins to deconstruct secrets that her father had always sought to keep shrouded. Her impromptu visits to people from her past are met with a stubborn reluctance to impart information, but Alma’s desire for a sense of belonging leads her to the truth behind her sudden emigration to New York City.

More than Alma’s story, however, Elise DuRant is also keen showcase the country that she reconnected with. We are enchanted by sweeping landscapes and are reminded how rich in culture and beauty Mexico truly is.

Woody Allen was a key supporter of Edén which premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival this year.

Elise DuRant
Elise DuRant
José Leandro Córdova Lucas
Vicente Pouso
Will Oldham
Diana Sedano
Paula María Landa Hartasánchez
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