Fight Church

Directed by: Daniel Junge & Bryan Storkel
USA | 83 minutes

How do Christianity and the brutal sport of Mixed Martial Arts fit together?
The energetic, chaotic and, at times, brutal sport of Mixed Martial Arts is explored in ‘Fight Church’ with a specific focus on how, if at all, the sport and Christianity blend together. From Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Daniel Lunge and documentary filmmaker Bryan Storkel, whose work has been shown at Sundance, this film is a powerful window into a world that remains fairly unfamiliar for most.
At the helm of the film is Paul Burress, a Pastor, fighter and likeable narrator to this movie who demonstrates how the sport can impact positively on his life, his community and his church. He, along with the ‘Pastor of Disaster’ and a trail of other fighting-savvy priests shed some light on a fairly distinct area of the church. The film also features interviews with many other religious fighters, some of which make compelling – and some less compelling – arguments for the inclusion of violent sport in religion.
With violence, and more specifically gun culture in America, remaining one of the more talked about issues during Obama’s time in office, this documentary hits the nail on the head in regards to the blurred logic of violence within a Christian framework.

Daniel Junge
Bryan Storkel
Eben Kostbar
Joseph McKelheer
Daniel Junge
Bryan Storkel
David Lamb
Paul Burress
Preston Hocker
Jon Jones
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