Film Surgeries at the Raindance Cafe

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Join us at the Raindance Cafe for a selection of surgeries designed to improve your filmmaking skills. We’ve got a bunch of truly top experts coming in for a day and they’re waiting to speak to you. This is the perfect time to talk through the specifics of your film and get highly specialised individual advice from those in the industry.

Book an appointment by emailing, with the name of the surgery and a preferred appointment time and we’ll get back to you. First come, first served, it’s open to all.

Surgeries include:

Set Surgery
Find out how to get the most out of small sets and locations whilst working on a tight budget. Talk to Jimi Hamer from Corsair Productions about how to get the most wow from your set.

Monday 29 September
12:00-12.45PM: Presentation
01:00-06:00PM: Bookable Surgeries

Unblocking Writer’s Block
Get your creative juices flowing again. Martin Gooch has written at least one script a year for 13 years – also wrote for Hollywood and shot 2 of his features to great success.

Monday 29 September
02.30-03.30PM: Presentation
03.30-06:00PM: Bookable Surgeries

Stock Footage: Making Money From Cut-Offs
How to use it, and how to make money selling your cut-offs for it to stock libraries like Pond5

Wednesday 01 October
12:00-01:00PM: Presentation
01.15-06:00PM: Bookable Surgeries

Poster Design
The first image that defines your film for the audience, posters are essential to market your film.

Wednesday 01 October
03:30-04:00PM: Presentation
04:15-06:00PM: Bookable Surgeries

Limecraft Flow Product Demonstration
A simple innovation to bring your work online, store, search, label and collaborate with your team online, Limecraft introduces Flow.

Friday 03 October
03:00-04:00PM Demonstration and Q&A

Production Design

How a film looks is about more than just the lens and the light, it’s about what you point them at. Learn how production design can influence mood, story and more from Production Designer Miren Marañón.

Saturday 04 October
12:00-01:00PM: Presentation
01.15-06:00PM: Bookable Surgeries

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