Five Days on Lesvos

Directed by: Richard Wyllie
UK | 62 minutes
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Wed 28th Sep 21:00

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Thu 29th Sep 12:45

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In an increasingly connected age, it's still all too easy to cut yourself off from a humanitarian crisis. You can pretend it's not there, that is has nothing to do with you – that is until it comes crashing through idyllic blue waters and lands on your sandy holiday beach. Such is the experience of tourists on the isle of Lesvos, who must decide whether to join tirelessly working volunteers or continue with their leisure trip as planned. We see both in this documentary and the train that ferries holiday makers along the promenade forms a potent metaphor for the divide between those who travel for leisure and those who must walk miles along dusty roads with their young children, clutching water bottles provided by over-stretched helpers. Without an adequate response at a government level, there is a sense of drowning hopelessness - for the refugees, for the volunteers and for anyone who can empathise with their situation. Combining news footage with interviews and reportage straight from the island, this film has an eloquent way of getting that message across.
Richard Wyllie
Samantha Brown
Screening Status
World Premiere
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