Forgetting To Know You

Directed by: Quan Ling
China | 87 minutes

Xuesong’s husband learns of a past relationship she’s had and begins to suspect that all is not right with their marriage.

Xuesong lives with her husband and kindergarten-aged daughter on the outskirts of Chongqing, China, where she works in a general store. Though trapped in a boring routine, they lead a tranquil family life. One day, however, her husband learns that his wife was involved with a real estate magnate in the past, and suspicions flare.

Detailing the crisis of a married couple, this film realistically renders the current state of China’s confused middle-class who, in the midst of China’s remarkable economic development, are losing sight of interconnection as they revel in material wealth.

Director Quan Ling tracks suspicions, close calls, violence, disappointments and other marital troubles that bring to the fore the respective desires of men and women in Chinese society, and the exasperation of not being able to attain them. Unable to trust the person right in front of them, the characters in ‘Forgetting to Know You’ have no idea what it is they truly desire themselves. Their isolation and melancholy is shared by those of us who live in societies based on economic supremacy, and is likely universal.

Akihiro Suzuki

Quan Ling
Quan Ling
Jia Zhang-Ke
Yu Likwai
Tao Hong
Guo Xiaodong
Zi Yi
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