Join hip Brooklynites Harper and Allie on an epic (10-mile) road-trip to the beach.

Winner of the prestigious Grand Jury Award at SXSW this year, ‘Fort Tilden’ can be best described as the offspring from a transatlantic tryst between ‘Frances Ha’ and ‘Withnail and I’.

Harper and Allie are two co-dependent mid-twenties women living spoilt lives in hip Williamsburg, New York. Harper is an artist, content to take bank account bumps from her father, a businessman in India. Allie’s career is never made clear but she’s about to leave NYC for a Peace Corps posting in Liberia. Running into a couple of guys at a gig one evening, they agree to meet them at the eponymous Fort Tilden the next day, a WW2 fortification built on the beach. Getting there, however, proves irksome.

A road-trip film with a journey of approximately 10 miles, the movie takes on an almost surreal tone as obstacle and diversion bring progress again and again to a grinding halt. These self-obsessed, entitled protagonists are by no means likeable, but the filmmakers show great skill in making them compelling. McNulty and Elliott’s performances dance wonderfully on the razor-thin edge of parody and you’ll love to loathe them.

Sarah Violet Bliss
Charles Rogers
Sarah Violet Bliss
Charles Rogers
Mollye Asher
Geoff Mansfield
Brian Lannin
Bridey Elliott
Clare McNulty
Griffin Newman
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