Free Speech Fear Free

Directed by: Tarquin Ramsay
UK | Germany | 80 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sun 25th Sep 16:15

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Tue 27th Sep 15:00

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What is freedom of speech, what are the greatest threats to it in our current society, and does the West take this freedom for granted? Tarquin Ramsay tackles these questions in this ambitious project, which started with him interviewing school friends at age 15. Now including interviews with Julian Assange, Jude Law and numerous journalists and free speech advocates, ‘Free Speech, Fear Free’ argues that free speech underpins the very notions of humanity and democracy. In doing so, interviewees informatively discuss pertinent topics around security, whistleblowing, self-censorship, and how technology, and in particular the internet, have changed the ways in which our freedom of speech is threatened. In questioning the UK’s attitude to free speech, Ramsay looks towards both the case-study of Belarus and the dangers of limiting political, social and artistic expression as well the culture of free speech advocates in Berlin. Five years in the making, this documentary is in many senses a call to arms for genuine, constructive and widespread public debate on free speech. A timely project, ‘Free Speech, Fear Free’ induces a sense of urgency in the viewer to question whether they take free speech for granted and what can be done about it.
Julian Assange
Jude Law
John Kiriakou
Sarah Harrison
Jacob Appelbaum
Tarquin Ramsay
Tarquin Ramsay
Niels Ladefoged
Tarquin Ramsay (UK)
Jörg Altekruse (Germany)
Executive Producer(s)
Tarquin Ramsay
Screening Status
European Premiere
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