Nikola (Gordan Kičić) has forty years old and is the leading star of the "reality" program called "Three Minutes of Glory". In practice, this looks like he is harshly insulting people who are applying for this show, and for this reason he is highly respected and well paid. His evil and poisonous words magnetically attract the theater and the ratings rise to heaven. His life is a "reality" program. His best friend Zoran (Boris Milivojevic) is the owner of an agency that deals with the production of various "reality" formats, and the wife of his friend Mira (Tamara Krcunovic) is his only love from youth, which, of course, no one but the two knows. Nikolin's life begins to change when he thinks how to make a young girl pushed by her ambitious mother make a star. They are hiding her hidden camera that gets tricky and he starts to wonder: is it all in fact an installer, a hidden camera that he submits to him? When one sees that certain circumstances are real, he is forced to save his own skin in the way he only knows ... using the "reality" program. But he must distinguish the most important: is his entire life a great "reality"? And what is real about everything, and what is just a fiction that brings ratings?
Original Title
Patuljci sa naslovnih strana
Gordan Kicic
Milena Radulovic
Boris Milivojevic
Tamara Krcunovic
Marko Gvero
Milorad Milinkovic
Milorad Milinkovic
Pedja Bajcetic
Executive Producer(s)
Sreten Jovanovic
Screening Status
UK Premiere
Strands: Features Narrative