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Examining the future of media creation, management, and distribution. What will happen to film making when autonomous robot camera operators capture content that would be impossible for a human to reach? How will we manage the vast quantities of media flooding the new TV over IP landscape? How can we distribute media AND be found?

Maxim Jago, a filmmaker, author, futurist and Chief Innovation Officer for filmdoo.com presents a panel discussion on the future of media. It’s not what you might expect.

Taking in a wide range of technologies, in the context of our core need as creatives to tell stories and move our audience – to change them emotionally and intellectually – Maxim and his panel will attempt to present a vision of the future that is exciting, frightening, and real. New mediums will be discussed, including the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that can display fully immersive surround video, multi-platform distribution and what this all means for the core aspiration of telling a good story. At what point does the technology interrupt the story? How can it enhance the experience for the audience? Is there such a thing as sustainable film making – paying the rent with media creation?


Maxim_Jago 140 cropMAXIM JAGO

FilmDooMaxim Jago is an award winning writer, director (over 40 productions) and technology specialist. He has authored multiple titles available in bookshops and online. He regularly speaks about cross platform media technology, social trends and futurology. He has taught film makers around the world, been published in magazines and quoted in books on film making.

tanya laird 140 cropTANYA LAIRD
Digital Jam

Digital-Jam small webTanya has been working in the digital industry across entertainment IP and innovation for the last ten years working primarily with global gaming and entertainment franchises that have achieved BAFTA, Golden joystick, Develop, Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) and Telly Awards respectively. Tanya also provides mentoring and consultancy to new tech startups across a wide variety of business incubators and accelerators including Wayra, Wayra Ultd, Oxygen Accelerator, The New Entreprenurs Foundation and The School of Communication Arts 2.0. She is also an expert judge for the Future8 awards and an expert adviser for Power to the Pixel. Her work spans across multiple industries and disciplines with one unifying trend: forward thinking innovation.

Elliot Grove 140 cropELLIOT GROVE
Raindance Film Festival

Despite being unable to watch TV or films until his late teens due to the constraints of his Amish background, Elliot was curious about art and film. He worked first as a scenic artist (painting backgrounds). He started Raindance as a thought experiment: Could you make a movie with no training, no experience or no money. His first intern was Edgar Wright. When British filmmakers like Christopher Nolan started making zero budget films, Elliot started  Raindance Film Festival, as well as the British Independent Film Awards to showcase their work.

helen_gammons 140 cropHELEN GAMMONS

rotolight_logo_dark_on_lightNew Henley logo[3]Programme Director at Henley Business School, developing executive programmes for the Creative Industries and SME’s, including an innovative MBA.  Owner of multi award winning film and broadcast company Rotolight, a revolutionary lighting technology company with patent. Experienced music supervisor. Respected author, ‘The Art of Music Publishing’ – In Oxfords University’s Bodleian Library. Helen’s work in the creative industries spans over 30 years during which time she has worked as music supervisor on many projects including Robert Patrick’s  sci fi movie ‘Within The Rock’ starring Xander Berkeley, Brian Krause and Duane Whitaker.  Business affairs and sync licensing on multiple THQ computer games.  As creative director and shareholder she was part of the management team that took a fledgling start up company ‘Avex inc’ in Japan to flotation, working alongside Tatsumi Yoda, previously Head of the Sansui corporation, going head to head with Sony on market share and often winning. Helen’s company Rotolight, based at Pinewood Film Studios is witnessing an explosion to fame, the revolutionary advanced LED lights being hand picked by the likes of Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman for an Andy Garcia shoot. Director Paul Greengrass (Bourne series, Green Zone), for Tom Hanks Movie ‘Captain Philips’. Hand chosen by BAFTA winning Cinematographer for the Hurt Locker, Barry Aykroyd and used by Stefan Lange on James Bond Skyfall.  Other credits include; BBC Prime-Time, SKY, CNN, X Factor UK, Coronation Street & East Enders, Hollywood Reporter, The Voice and many others.

Weerada Sucharitkul 140 cropWEERADA SUCHARITKUL

FilmDooWeerada is the UK-based co-founder of FilmDoo, an innovative new film discovery platform launched in August in the UK this year that intends to be the go-to platform for people to discover independent and international films few people have the chance to hear about. FilmDoo is an extension of the top three things Weerada is passionate about – travelling, connecting all things international and her love for enriching the human experiences through films. Weerada brings experience in business and digital strategy, innovation, consultancy, project management and finance. Her previous roles was as Management Consultant for a leading boutique management consultancy and an Investment Analyst with a top-tiered private bank. Weerada also completed film production courses in London, Montreal and Bangkok. She has strong international experience from having lived in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, South Africa and the UK. Weerada has an MPhil in Management from the University of Cambridge.

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