Goldberg & Eisenberg

Directed by: Oren Carmi
Israel | 91 minutes

Goldberg is a computer scientist who keeps himself to himself, until he is suddenly forced into a hostile dynamic with a formidable stranger, Eisenberg.
Nerdy computer scientist Goldberg likes to keep to himself. One day, he is approached by the towering Eisenberg, a thug and a bully who makes it his mission to harass Goldberg at every opportunity. Eisenberg ruins Goldberg’s dates, interrupting intimate moments and relentlessly stalking him. He assumes the latter’s homosexuality and hints toward acting on it. As the incidents stack up we see Goldberg’s real and dreamt fears over what he is actually capable of.
Director Oren Carmi plays on the universal fear of strangers, as well as the age-old fear of random bullying in this moody film. The sense of anxiety over the potential ways Goldberg’s life could be endangered is stylishly executed to feel familiar to us all. Carmi’s storytelling is an addictive mixture of subtle and deliberately over-the-top, and his titular characters are excellently performed and physically summed up by Litzhak Yaor and Yahav Gal.
A grown-up portrayal of classic playground bullying with crass adult language, jagged, sinister camera angles and a matching musical score, ‘Goldberg and Eisenberg’ gets more disturbing by the minute.

Oren Carmi
Oren Carmi
Oren Carmi
Uri Levanon
Ido Bar-On
Yitzhak Laor
Yahav Gal
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