In severe debt, a young man finally gets a job at the call centre of a corrupt Christian cult in Mexico.
“You are not an ignorant like those who come to pray.”
Winner of the Morelia International Film Festival, this film has a lot to live up to. And it does.
González (Harold Torres) talks to his mother regularly and scrubs up well when he has to. He lives in a small room with the out-of-place TV that drove him into extreme debt. His rent is overdue and the bank automatically feeds his wages from the Christian call centre where he works into his debt.
González develops a relationship with a timid co-worker who admits she has never previously had a boyfriend because most men around her are either drug addicts or degenerates. He seems sweet and moral at the core, but in time his actions betray him hideously.
Prolific Mexican actor Harold Torres is excellent in the titular role. Somehow González is lazy yet enormously energetic, which makes him extremely volatile. Torres’ performance has a comfortable unpredictability, and we never fully know what Gonzalez is thinking. It is even more enjoyable to despise Carlos Bardem (Javier’s brother) as a celebrity televangelist who unveils himself as an oily pharisee.

Christian Díaz Pardo
Christian Díaz Pardo
Laura Pino
Harold Torres
Juan Pablo Ramírez Ibáñez
Harold Torres
Carlos Bardem
Olga Segura
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