Greencard Warriors

Directed by: Miriam Kruishoop
USA | 91 minutes

An undocumented family struggles to adapt to the violent Los Angeles.

Jesus is determined to succeed in his American life. He is strong-willed and hardworking. He brought his family to California in the hope of escaping the dangerous prospects of El Salvador and make it little by little. He already made painful sacrifices and now he has to face the terror of gang violence on the Los Angeles streets. Fearing for the future of his children and dreading the police as illegal immigrant, he welcomes the military recruiters’ offer when they promise a greencard for his eldest son if he joins the US military. Shipped off to battle in another nation’s war, his family would then be eligible for greencards as well. Meanwhile his 14-year-old brother Angel has to balance his immigrant life, gang relations and love interest and avoid getting caught in the mayhem of the city of angels.

Miriam Kruishoop’s third feature is a bold undertaking to depict the vile scramble of unfeeling souls, let them be criminals or refugees of another cruel corner of the world. With her sensitive and intensive acting ensemble and the ability to intimately discover the stages of despair, her film is a harrowing story of human tragedy.

Miriam Kruishoop
Miriam Kruishoop
Miriam Kruishoop
Bronwyn Cornelius
Julin Cautherley,Cliff Curtis
Graham Bourne
Bertrand Lipworth,
Helle Jensen
Manny Perez
Angel Amaral
Vivica A. Fox
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