Directed by: Mickey Down & Konrad Kay
UK | 73 minutes

After losing his job, Gregor needs to find “a very fit girlfriend and £70K a year”.

Meet Gregor: zoned out at work, watching the minutes tick by as he waits for his ritualistic 10:30 masturbation session in his office’s bathroom. Unsurprisingly, 10 minutes into the film, Gregor finds himself fired. He’s free now, but a plan still needs to be put in place for the rest of his life: “All I need is a very fit girlfriend and £70K a year and I’ll be fine”.

As Gregor stumbles around in a haze of possibilities, the planets align to introduce him to a series of bizarre characters who may just make his wishes come true. First there’s Terry, a deeply weird ex-celebrity fixer (expertly played by Matt King), who may – or may not – have boatloads of cash to start up a new business. Then there’s Amber, a nymphomaniac black rights activist with a millionaire dad. But can Gregor see what’s happening and seize the day?

Laugh-out-loud funny, absurd and quite thoughtful for a film that bills itself as “a black comedy where no lessons are learned”, ‘Gregor’ is a great film of disillusionment, hopes and dreams – and how they may be found in the most unlikely of places.

Orestes Kouzof

Mickey Down
Konrad Kay
Mickey Down
Konrad Kay
Alice Pearse
Tom Lazenby
Daisy Mostyn
Sam Goldwater
Ollie Marsden
Matt King
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