Growing Up Coy

Directed by: Eric Juhola
USA | 82 minutes
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Sat 24th Sep 21:00

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Thu 29th Sep 15:15

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Coy Mathis was born biologically male and grew up in a loving family in Colorado. When he was 18 months old, his parents realised that their son was suffering from gender dysphoria and made the decision to let him live as a female. The school was always accepting until, for no reason, they rescinded Coy’s access to the girls’ bathroom. Her parents decided to fight back and take legal action on behalf of their daughter. Coy’s parents don’t hide the fact that having a transgender child presents a steep learning curve, but their desire to provide the best, most loving environment for their children shines through in this eye-opening documentary. The powerful simplicity and emotional appeal of this sentiment makes the sections of film that follow their legal battle, and the blows they subsequently face, all the more harrowing and unjust. As transgender rights are increasingly threatened all over the world, Coy’s struggle is all the more relevant, and this documentary’s raw emotional core makes it not just a landmark for transgender rights advocacy, but also an engaging, timeless story about justice and a truth that needed to be told.
Eric Juhola
Jason Oldak
Randy Stulberg
Giga Shane
Jeremy Stulberg
Randy Stulberg
Executive Producer(s)
Diana Holtzberg
Screening Status
European Premiere
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