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Director Márton Jelinko returns to Raindance with his second feature film Guilty; his first, Indebted, won best debut feature in 2012. Guilty is a high concept thriller that follows Tomas, a man who joins a violent criminal gang in an attempt to get to the bottom of his sisters’ disappearance. As he delves deeper into his mission he discovers the darker side of the city and begins to wonder if his sister was somehow involved in its criminal underbelly. He befriends Ben, a young boy who wants answers about his father’s involvement in the same criminal activities. Through his journey, Tomas discovers the brutality of his gang, and an atmosphere of evil and deceit begins to shroud the truth. With its chilling, pulsing soundtrack, Jelinko employs a gritty nature to his second feature, one that proves to be a combination of class and fine filmmaking. It’s a thrilling ride through the city following the quest of a man who grows more and more desperate for answers. Guilt is a stand-out feature from Jelinko, who, with long dialogue-free moments, throws us into a tense and suspenseful world.
Original Title
Lauri Tanskanen
Jemina Sillanpää
Matti Onnismaa
Saara Kotkaniemi
Roosa Söderholm
Marton Jelinko
Susanna Ake & Marton Jelinko
Dubravka Kurobasa
Jemina Heinonen
Elina Rislakki
Miika J. Norvanto
Executive Producer(s)
Marton Jelinko
Screening Status
International Premiere
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