Hacking Hollywood Style VFX

75 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Tue 29th Sep 13:00

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Does "Low-budget" mean "No Special Effects"? Not in 2015 it doesn't! A panel of experts from indie auteurs to Hollywood effects artists discuss how you can harness the power of VFX in 2015. The landscape has completely changed, and things that Hollywood could barely afford 15 years ago are now accessible to indie filmmakers. From motion captured CGI characters to digital stunt doubles to set extension a la "Game Of Thrones" to practical effects - it's all possible.


Damian Valentine - Producer
Best known for "The Death of Jar Jar", Damien has been producing films for the Internet since 2002. His work mostly consists of animation and machinima, but he has branched out into live action as well. His current project, science fiction webseries "Chronicles of Humanity", celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and has attracted guest stars such as Felicia Day (The Guild) and Mark Meer (Mass Effect). He is a founding member of the annual Machinima Expo film festival and regularly appears at conventions as a cosplayer.

Hugh HancockProducer, Strange Company
He founded the site Machinima.com, which became Machinima Inc, currently the 16th largest YouTube channel in the world. His work in ‘Machinima’ filmmaking has been featured in the New York Times, on CNN, and at film festivals and conferences worldwide.   Recently, he produced ‘Death Knight Love Story’, a fully performance-captured film starring voice actors Brian Blessed, Joanna Lumley, Jack Davenport and Anna Chancellor. He has recently transitioned from animation to CGI-heavy live-action, and writes about the bleeding edge of filmmaking and technology at www.strangecompany.organd on Twitter @hughhancock

Paddy Eason, Nvizible
Paddy has been working in digital film effects in London for 25 years.  With an enormous credit list of over 70 titles, Paddy worked at most of London's biggest VFX houses prior to setting up Nvizible in 2009. A creative, resourceful VFX Supervisor, Paddy has delivered outstanding work on such prestigious titles as ‘Vantage Point’, ‘Wallace & Gromit ‐ Curse of the Were Rabbit’, The ‘Guinness Surfer’ commercial, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Chicken Run’. He was nominated for a BAFTA for the last three. Paddy loves to work on independent genre films, but also relishes the challenges and resources provided by larger studio productions.  Paddy’s  supervision credits include Peter Kosminsky’s ‘The Promise’ for Channel 4/Canal Plus and Jon Wright's highly regarded genre features ‘Grabbers’ and 'Robot Overlords'. Recently completed projects include Terry Jones's 'Absolutely Anything' and John Carney's 'Sing Street'.

75 min
VUE Piccadilly Pic. 4
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