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Three women hide a dark secret: they all self-harm. In this candid documentary they confront the reality of their habit through revealing interviews. Join them as they explore abusive childhoods, heated arguments and the pleasure that comes with the pain. Harm is devoid of the spectacle that we may associate with self-mutilation, focusing rather on the affecting personal stories of these three women. Scars and tracks become a beautifully calloused landscape in this tastefully shot film. With sensitively-asked questions and striking cinematography, this is a poignant documentary, but don’t expect any romanticising of the subject matter. Harm tells the harrowing reality of self-harm and the reasons that individuals may be drawn towards physical pain and suffering. Supported by HBO Europe, Harm is a Hungarian film from accomplished documentarian Dénes Nagy. Its candour will draw you into the stories of these psychologically tumultuous women, but it will also force you to confront your own relationship with your family, with your childhood and attitude towards self-preservation.
Original Title
Dénes Nagy
Natasha Pavlovskaya
Sára László (Campfilm)
Marcell Gerő (Campfilm)
Anna Závorszky (HBO Europe)
Executive Producer(s)
Hanka Kastelicova
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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