Heavenly Shift

Directed by: Mark Bodzsar
Hungary | 100 minutes

A slick tragicomedy that will make you think twice about death and the arbitrary power of paramedics.
‘We get a free dinner and 100 deutschmarks for every stiff’.
Milan, a young refugee from the Balkan War, escapes into Hungary. His wish to re-unite with his girlfriend in Sarajevo is so powerful, however, that he is willing to fund it by joining a corrupt group of paramedics who play grim reaper.
Mark Bodzsar’s writing and directing of this tragicomedy impresses in the same ways that any Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson feature that has clearly influenced it does. He pits a ridiculous set of characters in a series of absurd situations against the gravely serious backdrop of the historical siege of Sarajevo in 1992.
The fun really starts when Milan accepts the business of ‘playing God and getting paid for it’, mastering the art of undetectably killing people who are already on the brink of death with potassium injections. Along the way we meet a variety of cameo characters whose main purpose is to tickle us further. This is a solid tragicomedy with an undeniably slick style that will command your attention from start to finish.

Mark Bodzsar
Márk Bodzsár
Istvan Bodzsar
Dániel Reich
András Ötvös
Roland Rába
Tamás Keresztes,
Original Format