Her Composition

Directed by: Stephan littger
USA | Germany | 93 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Thu 22nd Sep 18:00

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 5
Sat 24th Sep 10:45

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Writer-director Stephan Littger poses some interesting questions about feminism in his debut feature Her Composition, with protagonist Malorie using the intel gained on escorts for a human rights case to her own artistic advantage. Fed up of her sexist tutor and let down by her cheating boyfriend, Malorie's meeting with the mysteriously enigmatic Kim, an artist, inspires her to embrace her own creative journey by exploiting the very industry her friend Gila's non-profit feminist organisation are trying to bust. Music is a phenomenal part of the experience throughout, with Malorie's interpretations of her sexual encounters feeding her graduation composition. Living dangerously offers Malorie the chance to discover for herself what her life – and music – is all about. But it comes at a price, with the realities of the seedier side of the business and health scares leaving her fragile. With the acts set as “four quartets”, stunning visuals and dark, edgy cuts are used to emphasize the ups and downs, immersing us into Malorie's world on multiple levels. The result is a curiously engaging final composition.
Joslyn Jensen
Christian Campbell
Heather Matarazzo
John Rothman
Margot Bingham
USA/ Germany
Stephan Littger
Stephan Littger
Andres Karu
Stephan Littger
Isabel Kleber
Leah Chen Baker
Executive Producer(s)
René Bastian
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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