VUE Piccadilly
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Tue 27th Sep 20:15

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Fri 30th Sep 12:45

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Jake, a closeted “country boy”, arrives in Sydney with just a backpack intending to live with AJ, a man he met online. The plan goes well at first as the new couple move in but, upon discovering that AJ hasn’t been faithful, Jake leaves. Before long he is joined by a couple of friends from his hometown and they find refuge on the couch of a fabulous drag queen by the name of Wilma Bumhurt. There comes a touching point when AJ confesses that he is, and has, messed up. This statement could certainly apply to all the characters we follow, who for all their sorrows still seem to thrive in, or at least power through, the backdrop of the vibrant gay scene in Sydney. Wilma, AJ, Jake and his friends soon entangle their trajectories and quickly find their hopes disappointed by their own mistakes. This film is adapted from Horizon, the most-watched gay web-series in the world, and directed by Stephan Elliott, who helmed The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. We’re plunged in a formidable world where aspirations and sadness collide fast, yet people rise to the top in astonishing fashion.
Paul Layton
Patrick James
Matthew C. Clarke
Anna Bauert
Indigo Felton
Stephan Elliott
Boaz Stark
Alexis Korin Castagna
Brian Cobb
Executive Producer(s)
Brian Cobb
Screening Status
International Premiere
Strands: Features LGBT
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