VUE Piccadilly
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Mon 26th Sep 20:45

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VUE Piccadilly
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Fri 30th Sep 15:45

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It is said that the road to true love never runs smoothly - but in this film we learn that as long as you have a decent pair of shoes and a few good friends, it's not the destination but the getting there that counts. We meet Hortensia at the beginning of that journey, and this film's geeky-yet-gorgeous stylisation makes it a joy to accompany her. Following her father's untimely death, she finds no comfort in her once-familiar surroundings - not least because the fridge that electrocuted him still sits in her kitchen. When she discovers a childhood note detailing her life goals - to create the most beautiful pair of shoes in the world, and to marry a man who is blonde like her father - it brings her clarity and purpose, but it doesn't take long before things get complicated. With moments of magical realism, this Argentinian film has an identity all of its own, as well shades of cult classics such as Amelie and Rushmore. The lightly sketched theme of grief adds a bitter note to its sweetness, and it's all the more formidable for it.
Camila Romagnolo
Agustín Scalise
David "Toto" Szechtman
Gonzalo Urtizberea
Paula Carruega
Diego Lublinsky
Álvaro Urtizberea
Alicia Giménez Guspí
Guido Lublinsky (ADF)
Álvaro Urtizberea
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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