How Music Works

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Hosted by Soundcheque

The talk looks at ‘How Music Works’ so that the filmmakers can understand how their audience (and each of us) is culturally pre-programmed to respond to music. From that understanding the filmmaker can ‘go with’ or subvert that expectation. With examples drawn from mainstream film and television, the speaker will touch on ways that music can be used such as ‘point of view,’ ‘foreshadowing’ and ‘nat-sound.’ We will talk about how a composer might approach a cue and what s/he needs to know from a filmmaker.

Using only an electric guitar, we can demonstrate how nowadays almost anything is possible – e.g. how musicians have embraced technology to find their voices. The message is: the most creative filmmakers are leaders, but not dictators. We’ll talk about how to get the best out of another creative person whilst remaining in control of your vision. We’ll also discuss current film music – how narrative flow has given way to episodic cues – and we might build a ‘Hans Zimmer-style’ cue together. The focus will be on growing an awareness within filmmakers of what music can do for them, how they might use it and where they can get it on a budget.

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