How Selfish I Am!

Directed by: Daigo Matsui
Japan | 106 minutes

4 stories, following 4 characters, and dealing with the irony, loneliness and regrets in their lives.

Even though Kumiko realizes that she won’t be able to patch things up with her former lover, she ends up preparing a meal for him. Though she lives only for going to the concerts of her favorite band, Mie curses her nonexistent luck when she’s forced to do overtime on the day of a concert. Although Tsuda somehow lives off of doing day labor, he does not have any friends and is unable to establish interaction with society. In his indolent lifestyle, Rikuo only knows how to express himself through violence.

From their seemingly everyday life, overwhelmed by self-indulgence and pent-up anger, we can hear these characters screaming from their very souls: “Please notice me!”

This is an ambitious work by Daigo Matsui, one of Japan’s promising young directors who is currently attracting considerable attention. A pastiche of characters and stories of irony, loneliness and remorse, Matsui makes 4 episodes feel like one monumental feature film.

CreepHyp, the charismatic rock band with enormous potential who have energized young people skeptical of Japan’s music scene provide the music for this atmospheric movie, their melodies shedding light on these frustrated characters’ daily existence.

Masami Endo

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Daigo Matsui
Daigo Matsui
Naoki Yokota
Toshihisa Mitani
Takeshi Hayashi
Hiroki Shioya
Sousuke Ikematsu
Mei Kurokawa
Shunsuke Daito
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